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Developed for success.

Our mission is to help clients increase profit margins.

How? We make HR administration painless for all employees, and help companies improve business with efficient and strategic HR practices. This saves up tons of time, keep employees happy, and allows business to be 100% attended to.

How we help clients

Automate payroll, leave, attendance tracking, and scheduling functions.

Provide HR support, advice on MOM and Employment Act regulations.

From start to finish, recruitment to termination/dismissal, our team covers it ALL.

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HR Outsourcing & JadeFolio

Anything away from manual HR work is good.
But do you want to be good? Or do the best?

We breathe payroll, feed on attendance, and sleep on leaves because this is what we do best. Shouldn’t you do what you do best too?

It’s not about losing control. It’s an opportunity to excel. Outsource your HR to us. Contact us

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JadeFolio HR Software

Do HR the smart way

Employee Database

Save time tracking and managing all employee details in a centralized database. Isn’t it great to find what you need in 5 clicks?
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Accounting for leaves and claims, generate payslips fast and error-free. Generate your payslips in just one minute.
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Save time and paper costs by managing leaves for multiple leave types online. Link with e-Attendance to know if someone is playing truant.
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Simplify complicated rostering and reduce errors while being fast. View staff availability before rostering and we’ll notify your staff for duty or they can access the portal.
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Attendance Tracking

Gain an insight into workforce productivity, morale, etc. when you track punctuality and absenteeism, without leaving your desk.
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Eliminate long claim processes and paper trail. Apply and approve everything on JadeFolio.
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Why JadeFolio?

A unique experience like no other

Great service

You matter to us. What sets us apart – quick, close and personalized service. Need assistance? Our crew WILL respond to your SOS. No intentional stalling of time, no nonsense.

Continuous R&D, continuous improvement

Our team aims to bring you the best and most competitive products and features we can because we never slack off. And you deserve the best.
We’re currently working on integrating ALL components of HR. Imagine a world where you can recruit and even hire employees from one software – JadeFolio, of course

Smart calculation, synchronizations, & updates

It’s going to be a breeze generating error-free data, and presented with updated data no matter which software you’re on. And we even make sure you’ll aligned to updated regulations at all times.

Better use of time

Because our interface is so incredibly user friendly, you’ll save plenty of time and effort. Every minute you save from duplicating information, correcting errors, manual administrative work, and using other HR applications can be used for productive processes.

Compliance to Singapore & Malaysia requirements

Whether it’s CPF or EPF, JadeFolio ensures your organization meet your country’s employment regulations. Stay tuned for JadeFolio’s Vietnam and Thailand versions coming soon.

We really do care

We want to help our clients grow. We don’t stop until we see that happening. We have a sincere and eager team ready to help companies align JadeFolio to their business right from our first contact.

HR support you’ll get

Because you’re busy, we make sure to have your back

Guided systems setup

JadeFolio is a simple and user friendly HR software. But if you do need some help, we’ve prepared guides and FAQs to help you setup and navigate through our products.

Close business support

And if you face other issues that our user guides don’t apply to, we’re always ready to assist you.
Send us a support ticket from your JadeFolio account or email us.

High security

Rest assured that all data stored in JadeFolio stays private. We do not use or sell your data for any purpose.

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