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The future of HR is here. You ready?

JadeFolio HR OUTSOURCING allows your organization to focus entirely on your core business while we handle the heavy & time consuming HR matters.

Don’t see it as a means of losing control. See it as an opportunity to excel.

3 Scopes of JadeFolio HR Services:


Take a leap towards efficiency and productivity as we cover ALL your HR needs.

From strategic HR planning, to recruitment and training processes, and daily HR administration, let experts in HR handle your HR.

You’ll also be equipped with our JadeFolio HR Software where you and your staff can access through any device for leave application and approval, and viewing e-pay slips.

Let us do what we do best so that you can too.


Not looking to outsource entirely?

With JadeFolio’s HR advisory services, you’ll be advised and updated on MOM & Employment Act regulations so you don’t have to research them on your own.

What’s more, we’ll help you achieve better HR management processes, job redesign, and employee communications.


A great progress from manual HR, let the JadeFolio software operate your HR administrative work.

You’ll be able to manage HR administrative work from our employee database, payroll, leave, attendance, and scheduling modules, and churn out insightful reports for analysis. All that without any errors. Who doesn’t want error-free admin work right?

And don’t worry, we’ll handle all setups and data migration.

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